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Video link quality indicators

  • There are 2 indicators that provide an idea of the quality of your video link. These indicators change from green to yellow and red based on their value.
    • Green: Video link is perfect for transmission.
    • Yellow: Video link is still good for tranmission but you might experience some random and temporary failures.
    • Red: Video transmission is probably working but random failures are more common.

Signal quality:

Rx osd signal quality 70.png

  • This is the RSSI signal in percentage. To avoid losing video link please keep values over 50%. Values between 100% and 60% are acceptable.

Link quality:

Rx osd link quality 100.png

  • Having a value of 100% on this field means that your video link is perfect and there aren't any loses. Below 100% you might start to experience some failures on the video transmission, such as small parts of the image not being refreshed. The image will recover automatically once the value goes back to 100%.

  • Recomendations to have a good video signal quality:
    • Use the transmitter and receiver at least a couple of meters apart.
    • If you are in Manual channel mode, try to use a free channel. If you can not find any, switch to Automatic channel mode and the transmitter and receiver will try to find a free channel.
    • Always link the devices after booting by selecting Master mode.
    • Try to have Signal quality and Link quality values in the green range.