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WiDV Two

WiDV Two is an all in one solution for long range FPV flying, including Full HD video signal, radio control, telemetry OSD, ... and much more. It is suitable for radio-controlled drones and aircrafts. WiDV Two can be configured to use 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequency bands and 4G LTE.

  • Transmitter
    • WiDV Two transmitter is the air unit and it includes a high resolution camera for Full HD video. It is available with different cameras and sizes, it records video and flight data. And it is very light, perfect for any drone.


WiDV Two diagram 4G.png


Check the comparison table for details.

Radio transmission specification


  • Power transmitter: 5V micro USB
  • Power receiver: 5V micro USB
  • Video output receiver: HDMI
  • Antenna: RP-SMA connector


  • Image sensor: 5MP Omnivision 5647.
  • Pixel Count: 2592 x 1944
  • Pixel Size: 1.4 x 1.4 um
  • Lens: f=3.6 mm, f/2.9
  • Angle of View: 54 x 41 degrees
  • Field of View: 2.0 x 1.33 m at 2 m
  • Full-frame SLR lens equivalent: 35 mm
  • Fixed Focus: 1 m to infinity
  • Check out the different types of cameras supported.


  • Size:
    • Transmitter unit: 115x60x30 mm
    • Receiver unit: 115x60x30 mm
    • Camera: 20x25x9 mm
  • Weight:
    • Transmitter unit: 117 g
    • Receiver unit: 117 g
    • Camera: 9 g

Environmental specification

  • Operating temperature: from 0°C to 54°C
  • Humidity: from 6% to 99%