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SD card

  • Note: SD cards must be Category 10 in order to allow video recording
  • All the SD cards provided with WiDV devices have 2 partitions:
    • Boot partition - 1st partition:
      • It uses a FAT file system.
      • It contains the device's firmware and the configuration file. This partition is required for the device to boot.
    • Data partition - 2nd partition:
      • It uses an EXT4 file system.
      • All your videos will be stored on this partition.

Opening EXT4 file systems on Microsoft Windows:

  • EXT4 is a native file system for Linux but it is not supported by MS. Windows, this is why a third party tool is required to open the Data partition.
  • We have sucessfully tested a couple of these tools but there are few more available on the Internet:
    • Ext2Read: Website's project
      • Advantages:
        • Free cost.
        • Very easy to use and does not require installation.
      • Disadvantages:
        • Writing or deleting files are not supported.
    • Paragon ExtFS: Website
      • Advantages:
        • Free for personal use only.
        • Reading, writing and deleting files are supported.
      • Disadvantages:
        • Registration and installation is required.