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  • Real time video streaming is only available on WiDV Professional version, check the comparison table for more details.
  • WiDV Professional receiver includes a Real Time Streaming Protocol Server that allows to send the received video signal from a WiDV transmitter over an Ethernet network. It is possible to display the received video on any RTSP client application using our RTSP server. There are several RTSP clients available on the Internet that are able to run on any computer, tablet or mobile phone. Check out the tested RTSP client applications for more information.

Example scenarios

Video streaming over a Local Area Network

  • One scenario could be a WiDV transmitter and a WiDV receiver separated by a few kilometres in line-of-sight. You could connect a WiDV receiver to an Ethernet switch and connect a wireless router and few wired computers to the same switch to build a LAN. Everyone connected to the LAN can receive and watch the video signal at the same time.

Rtsp over lan.png

Video streaming over the Internet

  • Similar scenario as above but instead you could connect the WiDV receiver to a 3G/4G wireless router and allow anyone on the Internet to connect the WiDV receiver to display the video signal on their computers.

Rtsp over internet.png


  • In order to enable the RTSP server you need to configure WiDV Professional Receiver with an ip address. A network netmask and a network gateway can be also configured. Check the rtsp section on the configuration file for more detail.
  • Example:
ip =
netmask =
gateway =

port = 8080
  • The RTSP server is compatible with Diversity+ so you can build an Ethernet network with 2 or more receivers to take advantage of the diversity and at the same time configure the RTSP server on each receiver so you can support even more clients.

Tested RTSP clients

  • VLC media player compatible with Windows, Linux, Apple and Android devices.
  • MX Player compatible with Android devices.
  • Example of opening video stream with VLC: Open VLC media player -> Media -> Open Network Stream -> URL: rtsp://

More advanced configurations

  • The options of the RTSP server combined with Diversity+ are endless. If you need further assistance for more advanced configurations, please do not hesitate to contact us support@wirelessdv.com.