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Link modes

  • There are 3 link modes: Master, Slave linked and Slave unlinked.

Slave unlinked

Rx osd link slave unlink.png

  • This is the default state after the receiver boots up. Once WiDV receiver starts receiving video from the transmitter you can link them by clicking on "SL". Once they have been linked, the "SL" will change to Master "MS" mode.
  • It is possible to make the receiver to try to link automatically with your transmitter after boot, more information can be found here.


Rx osd link master.png

  • On Master mode you are in control of the transmitter and no one else is able to manage this transmitter. Recording, zoom and channel change options will become available on the OSD Menu

Slave linked

Rx osd link slave link.png

  • On this mode you are receiving video from a transmitter linked to another WiDV receiver different to yours. Good quality video in this mode should not be expected. You are not in control of this transmitter as it has been linked to a different receiver.