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Ground control station

Figure 1 - WiDV receiver includes an Ethernet port

WiDV Professional version allows to connect a ground control station for a total control of the autopilot. The ground control station can be connected using the serial port or the Ethernet port. This page explains how to use the Ethernet port. For how to use the serial port, please visit WiDV bidirectional serial channel.

Configure WiDV Professional receiver

  • Connect an Ethernet cable to your ground control station network.
  • Edit widv.txt file on the receiver's sdcard and add the next section to assign an ip. Update the ip, netmask and gateway fields according to your network's environment.
ip =
netmask =
gateway =
tcp_serial = 9090

Connect the ground control station to WiDV

  • By connecting to WiDV receiver's ip on port TCP/9090 your control station will have a full-duplex channel communication with the autopilot connected to WiDV transmitter in the air.

Example using Mission planner

  • Open Mission planner.
  • Select TCP connection to port 9090.
  • Enter WiDV receiver's ip.

Figure 2 - Mission Planner TCP connection