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How to enable composite video output

  • Insert the receiver's SD Card on your computer, open unit WiDV_RXBoot and edit the file config.txt with Notepad.
  • Comment the following line, adding the character '#' at the beginning of the line:
  • Add one of following lines, according to your TV's settings.
sdtv_mode=0    # Normal NTSC
sdtv_mode=1    # Japanese version of NTSC – no pedestal
sdtv_mode=2    # Normal PAL
sdtv_mode=3    # Brazilian version of PAL – 525/60 rather than 625/50, different subcarrier
  • Edit widv.txt and add the video section with the following option:
  • Save both files, Safely Remove Hardware and insert the receiver's SD Card back into the receiver unit.

Other options (not required)

  • 'sdtv_aspect' defines the aspect ratio for composite output (default=1).
sdtv_aspect=1  # 4:3
sdtv_aspect=2  # 14:9
sdtv_aspect=3  # 16:9
  • 'sdtv_disable_colourburst' disables colour burst on composite output. The picture will be monochrome, but possibly sharper.
sdtv_disable_colourburst=1  # colour burst is disabled