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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will new firmware releases be available for free?

Yes, the owner of any WiDV equipment will be able to download the latest firmware and update their devices. How to upgrade here.

  • Can the mouse included with the receiver be replaced with my own mouse?

Yes, any USB mouse should work just fine.

  • Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do, check the online store for more information.

  • Is this equipment compliant with radio transmission laws?

Yes, WiDV radio transmitters are compliant with FCC 2.4Ghz 802.11b/g band. Setting the country parameter on the configuration file will apply the correct channel policy for that country according to its laws. Using the supplied 5dbi antennas, the radiation of the unit complies with FCC standards.

  • If I start with basic kit, can later upgrade to professional kit?

Yes, you can start with basic kit, and later you can order the upgrade to dual receiver kit to have a professional kit, with double receivers for diversity with two antennas, one of the receivers will be a professional receiver, and the other will be a basic receiver, but you can use all functions of professional receiver with double receptor. The only thing you will need is the FTDI to convert the serial to USB for communication between WiDV receiver and the external computer.