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OSD Features Overview

At the bottom of the screen you will see a menu bar(OSD) that contains information and buttons to interact with the device.

Rx osd overview description.png

  • Sections:
    • Video recorder: It allows to record video on your transmitter and receiver simultaneously.
    • Resolution: Change video resolution on the fly.
    • Zoom: There are 16 levels of zoom. With zoom enabled the arrows will move the zoom window around.
    • Frequency and channel: It allows to the user to switch frequency and channel.
    • Link modes: Current link mode between transmitter and receiver.
    • RSSI quality: Signal's RSSI.
    • Video quality: Video link quality signal.
    • Settings: It opens the settings menu.

  • Interaction:
    • You can use the mouse included on the receiver's kit to control the OSD actions by using the left button.
    • You can move the OSD to any part of the screen by clicking and holding with the mouse right button.